At Brine Multi Academy Trust, we work collaboratively to achieve ‘excellence together’.

We believe in working collaboratively and effectively, using everyone’s strengths to meet a common aim. Each school in the group will have separate identities and histories and a shared vision for our group is the ‘thread’ that connects us together. 

We will work collaboratively at all levels within and across each school to maximize potential through continuous challenge and support. 

Each school in the group will be aspirational with shared goals whilst each individual school’s unique identities are nurtured, valued and retained.  We will achieve this ‘excellence together’ through:

  • Providing choice and diversity
  • Sharing leadership and skills
  • Striving to be the best in all that we do
  • Improving standards
  • Lifelong learning
  • Being child centred/focussed
  • Being stronger together
  • Collaborating in all aspects of school life
  • Being inclusive 

The MAT is determined to grow carefully, through an understanding of our own capacity and the challenges and the challenges and risks we will be taking on.  We will formulate our business model with care and learn from what others have already done.  We plan to be proactive in finding ways to achieve efficiencies.

We recognise that the addition of new schools will change and enrich the MAT.